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    Ability To Add Unlimited Additional Plugins Of Your Choice: Add additional plugins on a bespoke basis.

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From The Desk of Peter Marks
Devon, England

Dear Friend, Valued Customer, Fellow Entrepreneur, Future Success Story...

Re: The New Release Of The Quick Start Plugin

Hi, this is Peter Marks,

There's no question about it, WordPress Websites are currently taking the Internet by storm.

More and more websites are being built and launched using the WordPress framework every day and WordPress Plugin development continues at a rapid rate.

However, experience has shown that setting up WordPress websites and installing the requisite number of plugins can take a substantial amount of time and effort but it is absolutely necessary if you want to achieve that stunning site that you crave or dream of.... So how long does it take YOU?


Answer: Hours and Hours and Hours! 


Embedded Image.



What's The Solution, Peter?


The answer is dead simple. Installing the Quick Start Plugin to your website smashes thewasted time obstacle of the set-up process.

The Quick Start Plugin makes your installation process a pain-free task. Adding 13 very popular and frequently-used plugins to your WordPress dashboard within 6 clicks allowing you to press on with adding the creative content to your website.

Create your own “Profiles” and add blocks of your favourite plugins in one single action. These can be uploaded from your own PC/Laptop/Tablet, wherever you have them saved or alternatively you can “search” on the official WordPress site to locate a specific plugin or a batch of plugins. The effortless process instantly uploads the entire selection and installs them on your site, providing you with more time to create dynamic content and pages.



Why The Quick Start Plugin?


One day I was sitting at my desk preparing myself to start the unenviable task of uploading 13 of the basic popular and essential plugins which I regularly install when launching a new site before even uploading at least six more "specialist" plugins when I thought to myself.

"Surely there must be a better way to do this?".

Embedded Image.







Now, I am sure that you have been in exactly the same position and have probably expressed the identical statement in exasperation!

I am just an ordinary guy that has developed a passion  for the internet. I have launched many sites over the last four years since starting my own online internet marketing business and during this period I found that I was spending a substantial amount of time setting up the sites with the need to install a variety of plugins. I had purchased many plugins over this period and saved them on my PC, building up what has in effect now turned  into a considerable "library" of plugins in various categories.

Embedded Image.


This got me thinking and then a few moments later the"Quick Start Plugin" concept was born.  It became clear to me that I needed a plugin which did all this work for me! I realised that I also wanted to incorporate more additional features that would allow me not only to upload plugins from my own site but also create separate "profiles" such as "affiliates", "sales pages" and "membership" that I had already categorised in my plugin library. My mind was racing! Why stop there? I also realised that I required a further additional feature to allow me to install unlimited plugins from WordPress.Org. The "Quick Start Plugin" had been created.

Embedded Image.


It is often quoted that the best ideas are the simplest ones.As well as being simple to use and incredibly easy to install, it is just a pleasure to use knowing that a job that once tookhours to do can now be completed in minutes.  As they say "time is money" and this brand new plugin will enable you to save hours of work and get your sites launched onto the internet sooooo much quicker.... and that means you can start earning faster!!!

Embedded Image.


Once you have tried out the Quick Start Plugin you will be saying to yourself "WOW" this really works! I'm certainly not going back to uploading all those plugins individually and wasting hours of valuable time when I can do the job once and move on. I have spent hundreds of dollars developing this plugin and the true cost of this should be £147.00 but for a limited period I am offering this product at a ridiculous bargain discounted price of $27.00.

Customer Reviews

Mark Dearing
Property Mentor

This Is An Absolute Must For Any WordPress User

This product is very easy and quick to install and saved me absolutely hours downloading my plugins onto my WordPress sites. I also got the OTO because it was very reasonably priced - I'm glad I did because the additional WordPress package has proved invaluable to me in my business. I love the simplicity of this product. In my opinion, one of the better plugins I have acquired (and I have a lot!)"

Anand Kumar
Life Coach

You Just Have To Have This Superb Tool

"The QuickStartPlugin has been revolutionary for my business as it has allowed me to download relevant plugins onto my wordpress site effortlessly, quickly and all in one go. No more messing about with individual plugins and installations and it has saved me so much time which is invaluable in my line of work. Peter has come up with an excellent brainwave of a product which is so relevant when setting up an internet business online. Best of all, it's priced very reasonably as well and you definitely get more than what you paid for ! Peter's product is undoubtedly one of the few products in 2014 that has to be a must for all online businesses. Effective, reliable, trustworthy, easy to set up..does "exactly what it says on the tin" ! Thanks Peter for your unique product..its been a godsend !"


Plus With QuickStartPlugin, 
Adding Plugins To Your Website Couldn’t
Get Any Faster or Easier…..Here’s Why:

  • SIX SIMPLE STEPS: In just 6 easy clicks YOU can have 13 essential plugins installed on YOUR webpages - within minutes of downloading QuickStartPlugin.
  • UNLIMITED NUMBER OF INSTALLATIONS: Also included within QuickStartPlugin is a well written user installation guide and a screencast video showing how simple the easy installation process is.
  • NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS: Unlike some WordPress Themes and website software, with the QuickStartPlugin you are not billed each month. It’s not a service, it’s a product that you own. Download it once and that’s it you can use it over and over again. No further payments.
  • 13 DIFFERENT POPULAR AND FREQUENTLY INSTALLED PLUGINS: QuickStartPlugin immediately installs these 13 essential WordPress plugins to your site – that’s more than most other plugin tools out there! If that’s not enough for you… no problem… install additional profiles and download away to your heart’s content.
  • UNLIMITED NUMBER OF ADDITIONAL PLUGINS: You’ll be able to choose to upload as many of your existing plugins that you have stored on your own desktop/laptop/tablet in one easy action. It just doesn’t get any better than this.
  • CHOICE OF PROFILES: It’s really simple to create your own individual “Profiles” such as Affiliate, Membership and Sales Pages using QuickStartPlugin because it has its own profile builder. You can create a profile in one easy step immediately after QuickStartPlugin has been installed. (NO ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE IS REQUIRED!)

Try QuickStartPlugin for 30 Days Absolutely Risk-Free!

We are so confident that you will love QuickStartPlugin, that's why we are providing a fair no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Unlike many of the so-called guarantees offered on the Internet, mine is solid and extremely simple and straightforward.“If you find QuickStartPlugin does not perform as I have described… Or you don’t feel that you have benefited from using this unique plugin installer on your website… Just email me WITHIN 30 DAYS and I’ll immediately arrange for a full refund of your download fee – No questions asked.”

Peter Marks

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

  • Can I Use This Plugin On Any Other Sites?

    Yes, you have unlimited use on as many sites as you own.

  • Can I Only Install The 13 Plugins That Come With The Product?

    No, you can upload unlimited plugins through the Profile Section of the product. If you have many plugins stored on your computer, then these can be installed in bulk as well.

  • Are There Any Other Fees or Charges to Pay?

    No, You pay a Once-Only fee to purchase the product.

  • How Do I Keep The Plugins Up To Date?

    The QuickStartPlugin will install the latest version of the plugin and future updates to the individual plugins can be made through the "bulk" updating facility in the WordPress Dashboard.

To Your Success,

Peter Marks
Owner & Developer

P.S. This incredibly fast plugin installation tool will enable you to install your plugins  at a rapid rate and explode your websites on to the internet in minutes.  Not only will this prove invaluable to you as an "internet marketer" but it will also enable you to fast track your income through affiliate marketing, membership sites or simply creating valuable sales pages and by being "ahead of the game".  Get instant access now- Get ahead of the competition!


P.P.S. You have NOTHING TO LOSE whatsoever. You are completely covered by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee,even if you decide that this is not for you after reviewing the product. At this ridiculously low price of ONLY $27, this product really is a steal and I can't afford to keep it at this price for very long. I can't guarantee that it will still be at this low price tomorrow.